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P Money: Magic City
NZ Hip Hop dj,performer,producer.

See also Scribe - The Crusader

Pitch Black: Ape to Angel
2004 electro dub release.

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US$17.95add to cart
Pitch Black: Electronomicon
Second album ,released 2000.

Pitch Black: Future Proof
Electronic award winning 1998 debut .

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Pitch Black: Halfway: between ape & angel
2005 remix album.

Rhombus: Bass Player
2002 release mixing dub and bass with hip-hop.

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Rhombus: Future Reference
2nd album from hip hop dubsters.

Rotor: Aileron
Out of print 2000 release from Kog Transmissions

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Salmonella Dub: Calming Of The Drunken Monkey
1997 release from Dub merchants.

Salmonella Dub: Commercial Grates
2018 released double disc compilation

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