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SoundtrackEagle vs Shark

Out of print 2007 released soundtrack. Disc and insert in very good condition - minor wear only

Original soundtrack to the highly anticipated New Zealand feature film by director Taika Waititi ('Tama Tu' and 'Two Cars, One Night').

The 'Eagle vs. Shark' album features the original score written by Phoenix Foundation as well as performances by Phoenix Foundation, Luke Buda, Age Pryor and The Reduction Agents and more!

Wellington six-piece indie rockers, The Phoenix Foundation were commissioned to write the score, and contribute their music to the film, after being approached by director, and big fan, Taika Waititi in 2006. The Phoenix Foundation are regarded as one of New Zealandís most respected and ambitious outfits.

The Phoenix Foundation have contributed 7 songs -- including the popular single "Hitchcock", and "Seaworld" off their gold-selling album 'Pegasus' to the soundtrack; 3 score pieces, as well as 2 songs from Phoenix Foundation member Luke Buda's solo albums.

1. The Happiest Man - Lily
2. I Love You, Awesome - The Phoenix Foundation
3. Blue Summer - The Phoenix Foundation
4. Cosmic Danse - Luke Buda
5. the Pool - The Reduction Agents
6. Apples and Tangerines - Lily
7. Mum and the Cow - Lily & Jarrod
8. Hitchcock - The Phoenix Foundation
9. I Don't Want - The Marvellous Medicine & Age Pryor
10. Hill 1 - The Phoenix Foundation
11. Sea World - The Phoenix Foundation
12. Seaside - Luke Buda
13. Tomorrow - Lily,Mason,Jarrod
14. The Breakup/The Hill 2 - The Phoenix Foundation
15. Funny Shadow - Tessa Rain & Age Pryor
16. 80's Celebration - the Reduction Agents
17. Justice Is Waiting - Jarrod
18. The Hill 3 - The Phoenix Foundation
19. Brain - The Phoenix Foundation (live at Helens)
20. Wholly Molly - The Phoenix Foundation
21. Apples and Tangerines - The Phoenix Foundation
22. Do the Blues - Lily & Jarrod
23. Let's Dance - M. Ward
24. This Is the One - The Stone Roses
25. Going Fishing - The Phoenix Foundation
26. Not So Hidden Track - Taika Waititi

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