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SoundtrackSeparation City

2009 soundtrack to the film Separation City - composed and compiled by Samuel Scott and Luke Buda (Phoenix Foundation). Aside from compositions by Sam & Luke the album features tracks by The Phoenix Foundation, SJD, The Black Seeds, Cassette, The NZSO, Wild Bill Ricketts and Mike Fabulous.

Written & produced by Tom Scott the film Separation City is a bittersweet comedy drama about falling out of love for the very first time. A painful lesson about how unrequited love lasts forever and while requited love comes with a use-by date. A story about courtship, mateship and jumping ship. A film for anyone who has ever been in a relationship and woken up beside someone they once adored beyond measure and thought even fleetingly, is this it?

1. Wedding at Boom Rock - Samuel Scott & Luke Buda
2. Bright Grey - The Phoenix Foundation
3. Blueberry  Jam - Mike Fabulous
4. Nipples  - Samuel Scott & Luke Buda
5. Weekend Dad  - Luke Buda
6. Creek - Samuel Scott & Luke Buda
7. Say Goodbye - Cassette
8. Hotel Hoffenstoffer - Samuel Scott & Luke Buda
9. Celebration Minstrels - Wild Bill Ricketts
10. Men in D7 - Samuel Scott & Luke Buda
11. Come to Me - Black Seeds
12. Nite Club - SJD
13. Bye Bye Daddy - Samuel Scott & Luke Buda
14. Happy In The Trees - Samuel Scott & Luke Buda
15. Katrine - Samuel Scott & Luke Buda
16. Potsdam - Samuel Scott & Luke Buda
17. Fantasia On A Theme of Thomas Tellis - Vaughan Williams NZSO

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