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Avalanche CityOur New Life Above the Ground

Avalanche City is the brain child of Dave Baxter, a musician whose background stretches across many genres and influences culminating in a sound that is an impressive and eclectic range of various instruments, melodies and harmonies. The epicentre of Baxter himself who writes, conceives, produces, records and plays every instrument on this debut album.

Months after taking the first steps towards singing, by way of scales, recording, and self critique, Dave Baxter played his first solo show as Avalanche City. Six months after that show, the first tracks were laid for his debut.

Baxter headed into the countryside and moved into a little community hall just north of Auckland. There he spent the week alone recording and playing everything himself with only the cows and the milk trucks as company. The stunning result is Avalanche City's debut album Our New Life Above The Ground.

Album comes with a†bonus disc - the 7 track Snow EP.

Disc 1
1. Love Love Love
2. Everybody knows
3. Drive on
4. The Streets
5. The Citizens
6. You and I
7. Love donít leave
8. Go
9. Ends in the ocean
10. Oh life
11. How long
12. The Silence

Snow EP
1. Snow
2. Beautiful
3. Drive On (Acoustic)
4. Goodnight
5. Slowly over me
6. We fall down
7. The Silence (Acoustic)

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