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Carter ,ShayneFor Good Soundtrack

Out of print used item in excellent condition

Following a “brilliant Auckland summer with me stuck in darkened rooms composing maudlin music to images of abducted girls crying in the woods” on behalf of Shayne Carter and production partner Nick Roughan, the pair have delivered a haunting set of 14 pieces of music to accompany what the Christchurch Press called "A fine addition to New Zealand cinema, this is a film that will linger in the forefront of your mind". Alongside the original score are “Smoke” and “Under The Light” from Dimmer; “If I Were You” by Straitjacket Fits; and from the 70’s, the New Zealand classic “I Need Your Love” by Golden Harvest.
“The initial script I was sent for “For Good” had a different ending from the final film - the flashback where the two girls are sitting on their show ponies and Tracey turns to Lisa and says - supposedly in reference to not knocking down any fences - "I guess I was just lucky". That killed me and seemed so sad that I sat down immediately and wrote “Tracey’s Theme”. That set the precedent for the way the music was approached throughout the film.It had to be an immediate gut response to what was on the screen rather than guessing or contriving some 'emotion'. There were no rewrites or going overs.I figured the music had to be organic and close to the earth, very much like the story - with spooky, minimal themes that sunk into the action.” – Shayne Carter, February 2004

“I started collaborating with Shayne on "For Good" before I met or even talked to him. Writing the screenplay, I listened to Dimmer a lot. The haunting moodiness of the music seeped into the story and became the soundtrack for the images floating through my head. So I rang him and asked  if he would read the script. Then when I was in Auckland I visited him. He told me as soon as he'd finished reading "For Good" he picked up his guitar and composed a tune for Tracey, the girl who was killed. He played me these few scraping, aching chords which seemed to give a glimpse of her. That was a beautiful moment and that first response, which meant everything to me,became “Tracey’s Theme” and opens the film. I love the way the music in “For Good” is all Shayne Carter, except for two snippets of hymns I remember as a kid; and the Golden Harvest song, which plays on the jukebox. I asked Shayne to recommend something that would fit his stuff and he emailed back: "I Need Your Love" by Golden Harvest,a genuine kiwi classic.” – Stuart McKenzie (writer/director)  February 2004

All tracks by Shayne Carter unless otherwise stated-
1 Tracey’s Theme
2 Smoke / Dimmer
3 Lisa’s Dream
4 Bo Diddley
5 I Didn’t Mean To Kill You
6 In The Forest
7 I Need Your Love / Golden Harvest
8 The Day Thou Gavest, Lord Is Ended
9 The Abduction
10 If I Were You / Straitjacket Fits
11 Abbot Lisa-The Jazzdrums
12 Tracey’s Room
13 Lisa’s Room
14 Under The Light / Dimmer
15 The Letter
16 Car Ride
17 Forgive Our Foolish Ways
18 Smoke Outro Remix

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